How does he work?

The $Soul bound model is an experimental approach to the concept of a circular economy that consists in holding tokens only, is sustainable over time, and is backed by a financing reserve that ensures the permanence of the agreement.

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Safety and sustainability features inspired by economic principles in virtual space


Rely on

The $Soul bound team will secure the future user experience by relinquishing contract ownership and locking down the liquidity pool at go-live


Ecological construction

$Soul bound integrates a comprehensive metaverse virtual space concept, allowing users to use Soul bound to enter virtual worlds and create new identity decks using Soul bound


3D/VR Technology

In the future, Soul bound will develop new 3D\VR technology, which can make the experience more realistic through 3D\VR technology.


Virtual World Games

In the future, Soul bound will develop a new virtual world game where players can use Soul bound to enter the game and pass the levels to earn rewards


Virtual Social

Using 3D architecture for virtual socialization, every word and action you take will be stored very realistically in another world


Marketing Promotion

A portion of all $Soul bound transactions will be used for marketing, the more transactions, the richer the marketing plan


Meta land is ready for every builder to build, and share, together with $Soul bound.


We built $Soul bound to be useful to the community and to bring more benefits to all holders.

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